Elise Prudhomme, photographer, on the catwalk of the USS Theodore Roosevelt during the Friends and Family Cruise on June 20, 2017.


Graduate of Smith College in Art History and Italian Literature, Elise Prudhomme works as a photographic author while continuing her research on photographic techniques in Florence and Maine (USA). In the 90s, she moves to Paris where she continues her apprenticeship in silver printing with Guillaume Geneste and participates in the creation of Francis Picabia's catalog raisonné. Self-consciousness, her first series in medium format black and white film is awarded at Royan, then wins the 2012 Grand Prix of Riedisheim on the theme "Feminine".

With enthusiasm and rigor, Élise Prudhomme explores creative processes combining analog and digital photography with medium and large format cameras. Light is her first tool and inspires the treatment of the subject whether it is an interior space, landscape or portrait as illustrated by her work for the Foundation of National Parks and Gardens in France and the Theodore Roosevelt Association in the United States.

Elise directs Studio Galerie B&B, gallery for the visual arts and teaches contemporary art and photography to the students of Spéos Paris and Rhode Island School of Design through the organization of cultural visits in Ile-de-France.


Elise Prudhomme working with evening light and a Linhof 4x5 field camera in Normandy, France.

Working with evening light and a Linhof 4x5 field camera in Normandy, France.